Tuesday 18th June 2019
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  • Marxism Must Be In Practice

    October 29, 2017

    manohar paudel/

    Communalism is only as theory wrong interpreted according to advancement and development in some parts of the world. The theory derived by Karl Marx was very absolute and it depends on the politics which is guided by the Human soul.

    So, Karl Marx is a hidden unit of spiritualism. His logic is wrongly abused by political theory for the sake of legitimate power by conducting Proletariats freedom for their hierarchy topmost order. This type of unsystematic mislay is seen in our Nepalese and mostly Asian and in another part of the continents.

    But his vision and bright parts are seen in successful visionary leaders around the world. Karl Marx Philosophy is a dimensional accordance of social, politics, economics, human development, existence, and evolution. The theories and science given by many philosophers such as Comte, Herbert Spencer, Fredrik Angeles, Charles Darwins etc in orderly conclude according to development of humanism and time demand.

    This concept is equally retaliated by Marx Weber and German Diffusionists. The historical theories may not or work according to the development of different aspects of development in technologies and correct usage, cultural diffusion tolerances and its adoptions. But the immigration issues are so sometimes controversial, not properly updated not followed lawfully either nationally or internationally.

    The world after mega War II to cease the earth for stability to drop nuclear energy was a compulsion step to save earth and humanism. The effort of leaders such as W. Churchill, John F Kennedy, and others are highly remarkable. In Asia, contemporary leaders such as B.P. Koirala, Beng Jia Bau, Gandhi tries best for Peace and Prosperity. The UNO led development process on civilization and harmony was a challenge for the Power Balance between the major union countries for the settlements.

    Before that, it was hopefully assumed that Industrial Revolution in Europe would bring a globe inequality in an economy. Thereof, the conceptual theory of Marxism made a conflict between those Bourgouises to fix their products and control on the production and distribution of goods according to their desire. This autocratic or capitalistic strategy too seen in the communist model of governance They turmoil his general principle to be a leader in his guidance but gave they are a principle in some part of the globe to be a powerhouse. This mentality to doctrine a leadership is found even in socialistic countries where poor people like farmers, employee and real workers are not paid for the worth.

    They only preach narrow meaning of nationhood, religion, and culture. The flow of economy still controlled by stockiest and capitalistic has made a mere problem to migrate in another region. This brings instability in upraise development. The human and human resource development is a major problem how to ease living for grass root people. The bilateral treaty sometime brings fragmental issues between some regions.

    The so-called leaders of independence have could not fix the problem like Gender Inequity, Ethnicity, Social taboos, Cultural issues. This sorts of problems hit the international treaties, Human Rights Peace protocols, Non-align Movements, Un protocol, NATO treaty, Weapon disarmament and its nullifications, Nuclear disarmament treaties stoppage on Ballistic weapons and other problems too.

    This has made an earth not to settle in its own way, hegemony is sprouting in human for quick and sophistications. The ecological problems are increasing in a new way. The natural calamities could not be healed sometime and a new problem such as Germ Bomb and diffusion of a new problem such as dots and antidots concept based on Business is an ill-nature in some parts of the leader around a globe. The race for superiority within a leader is a Feaudalism in them, they cannot leave their chair for next generating time friendly charismatic leader. They still expect their clan or leadrs for their post. The UNO led agreement is going to be washed away to control earth.